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Getclicky out of beta into the wild

Posted by admin on March 13th, 2007 filed in Other webanalytic software, Uncategorized
Getclicky webanalytics Getclicky goes live and it is the first time that I write about it. So here some first quick info!

Clicky Web Analytics 2.0 gives bloggers and smaller web sites a more personal understanding of their visitors. Many analyzers give good summaries, and Clicky is no different - but the similarities stop there. Clicky stands out with its refreshinglysimple interface, innovative features like Spy and RSS feeds. Getclicky Spy is a feature that users have raved about, providing you with a live view of visitors interacting with your web site. A Google Maps mashup shows you where your visitors are located, but goes one step further than other solutions by linking each visitor on the map to the activity report for that particular visit.

As written before I haven’t covered Getclicky so far, but will get into details later this month. I personally like it a lot, especially some of the mashups for small webmasters look great. I also believe Getclicky’s pricing model is a good approach. There is no need to keep the entire product free. I believe that a small fee which pays for service and constant innnovation is usually better than completetly free tools. Good job Getclicky!
getclicky_webanalytics_visitors.gif Getclicky visitor image webanalytics

[ Disclaimer: Since today Getclicky is a sponsor of Webanalyticsbook. This did not influence my first posting about the product]

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