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Simplyhired widget re-directs to Malware

Posted by admin on July 27th, 2009 filed in Uncategorized
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Apparently this has been fixed.

Usually I don’t care much about blog plugins since they are free, but what Job-a-matic,which belongs to Simplyhired is doing with Job-o-matic, their “related job widget”, is not ok.

I installed the widget about 1.5 years ago since it was recommended by Techcrunch, Gigaom and a few other high-profile bloggers. The installation worked great and I started earning a few hundred USD, which was great and unexpected, but after not getting paid (you have to claim your money, no automation!), Job-o-matic looked a little suspicious to me. However…it’s the internet :)

A few months back,  I suddenly noticed that the job widget displayed 3 related jobs in my blog sidebar. These links all linked to the subdomain as I agreed on when I signed up for the widget. In my case:

So far so good. But that’s not all. Simplyhired got a little greedy and started to show their logo with a clean backlink to their own site (giving them the power of a few thousand blogs). Fair enough! Building backlinks is essential to survive in today’s market.

But it gets better….the latest attempt to pull traffic away from my blog is re-directing the job links to third party sites such as, a cheaply made job board, and to third party Simplyhired (Job-o-matic) boards…such as the one from Eric Perterson.

I certainly don’t have a problem sending traffic to Eric’s webanalytics demystified job board, but it’s a cheap attempt from Job-o-matic to cross-sell traffic within their network (without disclosure). In Eric’s case I really don’t care since I am not really competing with Eric (and I am 100% sure that he’s unaware of Simply Hired’s tricks), but what leaves a sour taste in my mouth is that the re-directed link will be called out as malware by the Antivir antivirus software (see below).

That said…not sure if simplyhired will answer to this, but re-directing traffic to competitive job boards or re-directing to malware sites is something nobody should accept.

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