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Thoughts About The Omniture - Adobe deal

Posted by admin on February 14th, 2010 filed in Uncategorized
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I know that I am late to the game, but today I stumbled across an article at Venturebeat, which might explain a little further why Adobe bought Omniture for a stunning amount of $ 1.8 billion. Here a few reasons:

1. Omniture’s incredible client roster (Walmart…)
2. Capabilities of track trends across the globe (and across the US)
3. Extended tracking capabilities for mobile, esp. mobile video and Iphone apps
4. Business intelligence for online shops, e.g. which products sell together, internal search…

Even that all these are great reasons, I am still puzzled about the price. Unless there was a bidding war I am sure the high-price has a few other reasons. I assume it has to do something with tracking flash or the overall “information” that Omniture collects.

Flash (owned by Adobe) is currently installed on more than 90% of the computers, but unlike in the online video world, it has never really moved to the mobile world. Mostly due to restrictions from Apple and Co.

However, I am sure that the next generation of smart phones will fully integrate Flash, which will result also in a new era for mobile apps, a market which is currently mostly monopolized by Apple.

So long story short: There is a huge potential for Adobe to offer full-blown flash apps including high-end tracking to marketers across the globe. On top Omniture’s API’s are open to a lot industry specific reporting system.

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