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Webtrends 9 - Back to the roots

Posted by admin on August 4th, 2009 filed in Uncategorized
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When a company seems to be called out for underdelivering…it’s even more surprising when it’s back up on its feet and finally goes back to it’s roots. Webtrends, one of the first players in the market,  just relaunched in one of the most interesting ways it’s brand new analytics solution. It’s the first time, that a large vendor simplifies it’s interface and makes it usable to pretty muche everybody (instead of adding layer and layer of complexity). I think a big part of this effort comes from Alex Yoder, who took over the CEO position last year and clearly made a great impact.

Here a few highlights about the new functionalities:

RSS Overlays: The graph overlays data from any RSS Feeds on top of trending metrics.

Story View: Data that will automatically be transferred into Narratives

Webtrends on Demand:
Ulimited dimensions and measures based on any attribute.

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