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Auto suggest script for Search

Posted by admin on January 23rd, 2008 filed in Usability
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Besides web analytics I am a huge fan of usability stuff. Doing web analysis is great, but knowing how to solve problems is even better. Usability is one of the fields, that in my eyes hasn’t improved too much over the last 10-12 years (just ask usability god Steve Krug).

Even that the web analytics industry has arrived and people have the data, the lack of turning the “insights” around is huge ( a great example are online wine stores. Until today 80% of the stores don’t get that up to 50% of their clients are businesses, that want to order wine for their clients).

Two weeks ago I wanted to post about Ajax / Java scripts, that can have a huge impact on the usability and profitability of a web business……….but darn…I am too late: Sophie over at Forum One posted a bunch of interesting Ajax applications, that can improve a website dramatically. My favorite one is the Auto suggest script for Search (Yes you need to implement this asap):

Auto suggest

If you think this is great, but you have no idea how to do it, just use this script and watch the demo .

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