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Second Life Tracker

Posted by admin on September 27th, 2007 filed in V-Tracker
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V-tracker is a fairly new tracker for all Second-Life marketing efforts. It is a suite of tools used to capture visitor data while providing easy to use web-based analytics. The software can…

  • Track Visits, Events and Chat
  • Tracks Campaigns
  • Easy to Use and Scalable
  • Sophisticated Analytics
  • Exports PDF, Excel or XML
  • Data Warehousing
  • Powerful Search Features
  • High Performance Database
  • Quick Implementation


Most companies currently miss out on using Second life or other Virtual worlds for their marketing efforts. Still smart companies like IBM have already their islands and track their Second Life activity.

Having looked at one of the first versions of V-tracker at the IBM office, I am sure that this is a company you should look out for. If you need more info about V-Tracker, check Marshall’s interesting interview with Jared Friedman, founder of V-tracker and like me a member of the WAA Social Media and Community Committee.

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