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Austrian Webanalytics association ÖWA suspends member

Posted by admin on March 22nd, 2007 filed in Webanalytics general
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I have written about the Austrian webanalytics war of the “Österreich” (newspaper) website vs. the Austrian webanalytics association “ÖWA” a few weeks ago:

“Wolfgang Fellner, publisher of the Österreich newspaper & website, which can be compared to AM or METRO in the US, now sued the ÖWA, because the organziation suddenly changed their measurement rules and reporting [right after he joined the organization.”

Today the conflict escalated and the the Austrian webanalytics association suspended Fellner’s newspaper for 2 months, b/c of his criticism of the new measurement rules. The ÖWA defends it’s sudden changes with an excessive abuse of it’s members in the previous years.
I don’t want to go further in detail of the new absurd measurement and conflict and I know Austria is not the epicenter of business in the world, but this story just shows that analytics education is something that the WAA should concentrate on. Otherwise complaints about Alexa and Co. will continue over and over again.

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