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BT And It’s Secret Web Tracking Trial

Posted by admin on June 10th, 2008 filed in Webanalytics general
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A while back I’ve posted about Austria’s redneck web analytics “fight”. Now it seems, that the British Telecom got in some kind of trouble for dropping Cookies to their clients.

Here a part of what leaked from the trial:

“The report praised the invisibility of the system, observing that “only 15-20 trialists (0.1% of the trial base) identified the presence of the system and had a negative reaction”, but said that future versions of the system would be “100% transparent” (meaning undetectable).

While users can theoretically opt out of having their browsing tracked, the report noted that “the current [opt-out] method is cookie based to preserve the user’s anonymity. This will cause a user to be opted in again if they erase their cookies”. The report suggested that this feature be highlighted during the opt-out process.”

Here more info about BT’s web tracking trial.

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