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Call to Action Seminar

Posted by admin on July 11th, 2007 filed in Webanalytics general

The Eisenberg brothers host a “Call to action” seminar on August 10 in Brooklyn. Here some of the topics, that will be covered:


  • Is there a unified understanding of the sales and value proposition of the business?
  • Evaluate how well you have done planning your site, including everything that happens before your visitors reach your site.
  • Developing and communicating your UVP (Unique Value Proposition)
    • Planning the elements for the storyboard of your site
    • Understanding your prospects, and how their behavior varies according to their preferences
    • Taking advantage of your strengths and weaknesses, and more
    • Understanding your customer’s buying process


  • Do design and technical considerations support the requirements of the sales process and users?
    • Is your Navigation right or in the way?
    • Does the Design/Style (Look/Feel) enhance or detract from conversions?
    • Is your balance of Color & Text versus Images helping conversions?
    • Is the website’s Layout helping buyers convert?
    • Is the website’s Usability an issue?


  • Does your website motivate a visitor to go from one page to the next and, eventually, to take action?
  • Momentum considers all the elements that motivate on the site: does your


  • Are all forms of “content” (visual, text and other) saying what needs to be said?
  • Is your messaging consistent?


  • Does your website communicate not only the value of the products or service, but also the value of doing business with you?

Delighting the Customer

  • What is the overall customer experience on your website?
  • Are your visitors likely to return?
  • Are you creating Brand Advocates?


  • Do you have a framework to test and optimize changes on your website?
    • How to identify which pages and sections of their site they should test first.
    • How to get the fastest results from testing now.
    • The different types of online testing
    • Establishing control pages, testing goals and parameters
    • Determining a time/quantity test interval

If you are interested, sign up here

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