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Is Mybloglog a threat to Adsense?

Posted by admin on February 25th, 2007 filed in Other webanalytic software, Webanalytics general
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Mybloglog Mybloglog tracks Google Adsense. Is Yahoo using

this data to improve their Yahoo publisher network?

Last time when I was invited at the MSN party, I’ve talked to a few MSN guys about their Adcenter “plans” and it seems that they are going to launch something similar to Google’s Adsense/Yahoo publisher network (whenever they find the right people).
Today Steve Poland, over at Techcrunch, added some more information about YPN’s plans opportunities. Mybloglog, which recently got acquired by Yahoo, tracks secretly among other outgoing links, all clicks on Google Adsense.
If Yahoo uses this data, they might have a key advantage to become a serious Google’s Adsense content network competitor. If this is ethical business, I don’t want to comment on (b/c it is just only an assumption).
Leaving the ethical aspect aside, real competition for Google could be very positive for publishers.

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