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The power of widgets

Posted by admin on September 26th, 2007 filed in Webanalytics general
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Over 81 million consumers in North America-or a full 40.3%-were exposed to Web widgets in April, according to a widget tracking service recently launched by comScore.

According to Bitterman from Digitas, they are seeing click-through rates of 10%, and engagement beyond that click is also very high.

This was a clear signal to me, that I have to get more involved in widgets and I was wondering how to pull traffic out of them.

Here a few things that I most probably will do over the next few weeks:

1. Exploring

Sphere shows related stories on the Wallstreet Journal and on other big Sphere partners. In order to get traffic from them, I will try to write about similar topics that appear on the WSJ. If I am lucky my posting will show up and I certainly will post the quantity and quality of the traffic here.

2. Hiring someone to create a Facebook widget

The new Facebook flyer PPC engine doesn’t work for me, so the only option will be to let someone create a good Facebook widget based on the Facebook API. Not sure if it works, but Facebook rewards new widgets with up to $250k and I kind of have an idea of what could be pretty viral.

3. Explore Quantcast’s new widget tracker

4. Keep running Blogrush for another two weeks and only under the circumstance, that they add a Web analytics category

Any other ideas?

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