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Visitor Feeling

Posted by admin on August 26th, 2008 filed in Webanalytics general
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Jason Burby over at ClickZ posted a great article about “Visitor feeling” and what problems come with it:

“Let’s take a few steps back to examine a prospect’s negative
experience. Let’s assume this started with a visit to the vendor’s Web
site. A prospect spends time to research a few Web sites she may be
interested in doing business with. She then decides she’s interested in
starting a dialogue with one or two companies, fills out the contact
form, and waits for that call or e-mail.

From a Web analytics standpoint, those are successful conversions
and look great. Unfortunately, far too often the company won’t get back
to this person fast enough and will miss out on striking when the iron
is hot (a topic for another time). In other cases, the company will
follow up and form a successful business relationship. But that doesn’t
mean everyone leaves that process satisfied. And a negative experience
like Decker’s will greatly impact future conversion from a lead to a

Here the full article.

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