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Web Analytics Wednesday

Posted by admin on February 8th, 2008 filed in Webanalytics general

Quick note for everybody that works in the Web Analytics field: Visit the Web Analytics Wednesday meetups.

On Wednesday Thursday evening it was my 2nd WAW meetup in NYC and Eric Peterson, aka House author of Webanalyticsdemystified , attended and even took the time to talk to everybody.

Having never met him before, I was surprised how much fun he is and I only can imagine how valuable it would be to get him as a consult in your company (Yes, you can hire him here).

But not only Eric, also pretty much all the other web analysts are really laid back and the usual SEO BS talk, that you often hear at conferences, was completely absent. Probably metrics driven people are just a little more mature.

Overall it was a really great event and besides having free drinks food, I really enjoyed networking with the brightest minds in the industry. Small meetups like this are so much better than attending big conferences. Especially when you take insights home, that you don’t get anywhere else.

Thanks again to everybody who came up and chatted with me (Mark, Joel, Marshall….). Also thanks to the sponsors Optimost Opinionlab and Webanalytics demystified Inc..

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