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How To Hire A Web Analyst (Or How To Make One Crazy)

Posted by admin on June 8th, 2008 filed in Omniture, Webanalytics general
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There are many great web analytics jobs out there and for companies and recruiters it became more and more difficult to find quality web analysts. Avinash Kaushik posted a while back about the “Top Ten Signs You Are a Great Analyst“. The post made it’s round and people all over the world left great comments like this one or this one or here.

My approach of figuring out if you or someone is a good web analyst is very different,: I have described below my way of figuring out if someone is a good web analyst or not:

1. Set up the web analyst with an Omniture, Google Analytics….account and let the web analyst get familiar with it.

2. Let the web analyst know, that you need to know “ALL” the browsers and Operation System that hit the website within a given time frame.

3. Now surf to the tracked website with the device below during the time frame:

4. Use this built-in browser:

5. If your analyst is able to figure out that you used a Samsung RH2777AT with built-in Samsung browser….than she/he is the right person to have in the office. If not..don’t even think about it :)

If you look for a senior web analyst use the Samsung refrigerator internet table to make the test a little harder.

For a VP of Analytics position I’d recommend to add a few hits with this browser.

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