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WebTrends Marketing Lab 2 - UE3

Posted by admin on July 31st, 2007 filed in User engagement, Webtrends
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Today Webtrends unveiled WebTrends Marketing Lab™ 2 - a new solution to measure customer engagement. Marketing Lab includes two new Webtrends solutions:

1. WebTrends Score, which “evaluates visitors’ online behavior by quantifiably measuring the level of engagement or interest they have in content, products and services. By establishing rules that assign values to specific visit and visitor activities, marketers can go beyond conversion to evaluate the success of their efforts using realized and potential customer value. Score values can then be applied to consumer targeting activities, such as email, site personalization, offline direct marketing, as well as to campaign enhancement such as automated paid search optimization.”

2. WebTrends Visitor Intelligence™ which is “a full-featured, multi-dimensional reporting and analysis solution….[WebTrends Visitor Intelligence™] perform[s] unlimited multi-dimensional reporting and analysis and on-the-fly segmentation of visitor behavior across multiple channels and visits “

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