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Youseeble Review

Posted by admin on August 22nd, 2010 filed in Youseeble
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Youseeble is a brand-new Internet tool that lets you see your website the way that your visitors see it. Is your most important content as visible as you think it is? For all you know, you may have put the best part of your website out of sight. Or, you might be cluttering the screen with too many distracting design elements.

It records the activity of each visitor to your website and generates three different “heat maps” that graphically display the aggregated visitor data. You see the manner in which people interact with your website design, which lets you see which important parts of your website are actually being ignored.

Youseeble does not replace your current analysis tools, but is rather an addition to your analytic toolbox. You’ll see if your design is pointing out your content in the way you want, and, if not, then you’ll see why it isn’t. And, from that data, you’ll be able to improve your website and point visitors directly to your targeted content.

The process to use Youseeble is simple — insert some short segments of HTML code into all your website’s pages, and Youseeble takes care of all the rest. User behavior is recorded, and graphic displays called “heat maps” are created with the results. You can even playback any of the recordings of visits to your website, and watch the actions of a real visitor, in a real visit.

Visitor recordings are all well and good, but you don’t have the time to watch every recording of every visitor. That’s why there are the three types of “heat maps”:
- The Interaction heat map shows what items visitors are noticing, and which are being ignored.
- The Attention heat map shows visitor cursor movement (which can be correlated with visitor attention).
- The Visibility heat map shows what visitors actually see, based on possible screen resolutions and browser window dimensions.

No plug-ins are required because Youseeble uses JavaScript and HTML to operate within your website’s code.
One limitation is that Youseeble works at its best for statically-generated websites, although the code can also handle some types of AJAX websites. Don’t worry about buying Youseeble, and then discovering it won’t work with your website — use the free option to test out Youseeable’s compatibility with your website.

Once Youseeble is coded within your website’s pages, you won’t have to look at your visitor numbers and guess why no one comes back. With Youseeble, you actually see the actions of your visitors on your site. You won’t believe the nuggets of information you’ll discover with Youseeble: screen resolutions you never planned on, screen contents tucked away in an out-of-the-way corner that you thought was highly visible, screen design that distracts visitors rather than making them focus on what you want them to see. You won’t get this information from the data collected by an ordinary analytic tool.

Youseeble is free to try, and requires only an e-mail address to associate with your account. Overall a great product,which allows you a quick & detailed analysis of your visitor moves.

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