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Form Analytics Done The Right Way

Posted by admin on June 18th, 2008 filed in Clicktale
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I wrote about Form abandonment and how to avoid it a while back . Clicktale Analytics launched today their own form abandonment analytics tool.

Their system has a few different reports to exactly figure out which form field takes the longest and could be the reason why users exit the page.

The Clicktale Time Report  displays the average time that visitors interacted with each field inside the form from the moment the page was loaded:

The Advanced Time Report displays the distribution of visitor interaction with each field inside the form from the moment the page was loaded.

The Blanks Report displays a chart of how frequently visitors leave fields empty when submitting the form.

The Refill Report shows the fraction of visitors who refill each field. Usually, a refill occurs when the form generates an error as a result of a field being incorrectly filled.

Overall this is another great feature provided by Clicktale. I have seen a lot of features and solutions, but Clicktale really suprises me. The company is really doing a great job by pushing never seen technology out there. Congrats and well done! I am looking forward to see more innovative stuff like that.

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